Equipment for Brewery Technology

Valves, Pipes, Bends, Flow Meters...

*** Made in Germany / EU ***


Ø  Butterfly Valves / Leakage Butterfly Valves

Ø  Ball Valves

Ø  Single-Seated Valves

Ø  Double-Seated Valves

Ø  Safety Valves

Ø  Bunging Valves

Ø  Tank Dome Fitting

Ø  Aseptik Valves

Ø  Inline Program

Our Valves in a Pub Brewery:

Flow and Wort Meter (Made in EU):

Ø  Flow or Wort Meter measuring instruments, contact-free, please ask for quotation

Compressors and Compressed Air Dryers:

Ø  New and used, all pressure ranges and dimensions

Our CO2 compressor from Mehrer, Germany, after many years of use in our brewery in Hanoi, Vietnam:

Pipes, Bends and Adapter Pieces:

Ø  Pipes, seamless (Made in Germany)

Ø  Tube Connections and Mounting Accessories

Ø  Aseptic Tube Connections

Ø  Pipe Fittings


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