Lindemann Trading

We mediate international contacts for economic cooperation between the Asian and European markets. Contact us if you are looking for business partners or a business representative.

We are also happy to produce as a supplier for your projects, e.g. storage tanks for breweries, especially in Asia, not only of excellent quality, but also very competitively priced due to short transport routes.

Business Fields:

Ø  Brewery and food technology, pub breweries, used brewery systems, malt mills, CO2 compressors, flow meters, valves, accessories ...

Ø  Import and export including complete shipping processing from and to the Asian region including expert dismantling of used systems, seaworthy packaging, freight organization and assembly as well as on-site commissioning...

Ø  Others on request, in addition to the standard brewery machines and devices, we already have experience with: rescue equipment for fire brigades, used hospital equipment, bending machines, lace making machines, malt mills, tunnel pasteurizers, bottling plants, seaplanes, submarines (small submarines e.g. for Experience tours from hotels), …


A Krones bottle pasteurizer is dismantled and exported by us from Bavaria, South Germany to Asia:




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